Academia and Activism: Direct Action Through Discourse Analysis

Discourse Activism

22 November 2017 // 9:30am – 5:00pm

An AHRC NWCDTP event at the

People’s History Museum, Manchester

Keynote Speakers

Dr Arran Stibbe (University of Gloucestershire)

Professor Chris Hart (Lancaster University)


Many of us in the arts and humanities investigate problematic discourses with the aim of effecting real change. Achieving the desired outcome is not always straightforward, however, and within a complex academic system it is easy to lose sight of these aims. In response to this, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP) hosted a training day titled Academia and Activism: Direct Action Through Discourse Analysis at the People’s History Museum in Manchester (Left Bank, Spinningfields, Manchester) on Wednesday 22nd of November, 2017. This unique event brought together postgraduate researchers and academic staff in the arts and humanities who utilise critical discourse analysis in a wide range of applications – in analysing public policy, for example – to identify common strategies for creating impact. The keynote speakers were Dr Arran Stibbe, an ecolinguist who has analysed the discursive construction of health, illness, animals, masculinity, the environment and disability within his research, and Professor Chris Hart, a cognitive linguist who has investigated discourses of migration and political protests. Participants came to share their own research, ask questions, participate in discussions and develop their own action plans for creating impact.